Czech Glass 13mm x 8mm Trumpet Flower Beads

These gorgeous pressed glass beads are made in the Czech Republic. They measure 13mm wide and 8mm tall, and have a flared, trumpet flower shape. The "luster iris" beads have a very light AB finish. The gold marbled beads have a light speckling of gold (gorgeous!).

  • Approximately 25 Pieces Per Bag

Beautiful pressed glass beads made in the Czech Republic.

Matte Beige
13FOBG $4.95 Buy Matte Beige »
Olive Marbled w/ Gold
13FOLG $4.95 Buy Olive Marbled w/ Gold »
13FTRQ $4.55 Buy Turquoise »

Crystal Luster Irish
13FCRLI $3.95 Buy Crystal Luster Irish »
Light Peridot
13FPD $3.95 Buy Light Peridot »
Milky Aqua
13FMAQ $3.95 Buy Milky Aqua »

Capri Blue
13FCPB $3.95 Buy Capri Blue »
13FSP $3.95 Buy Sapphire »
13FMT $3.95 Buy Montana »

13FAM $3.95 Buy Amethyst »
13FTZ $3.95 Buy Tanzanite »
13FJT $3.95 Buy Jet »

13FRA $3.95 Buy Rosaline »
Crystal Pink
13FCRPK $4.55 Buy Crystal Pink »
Orange Opal
13FOROP $4.95 Buy Orange Opal »