Czech Glass 4mm x 6mm Baby Bell Flower Beads

Lovely, dainty little flower beads! These make gorgeous beaded drops in earrings and necklaces. We have a wide variety of colors and finishes - the "luster" finish beads have a very fainty ab look. The "satin" coated beads have a pearly coating.

  • Approximately 50 Pieces Per Bag

The flower earrings pictured are available as a kit:

Beautiful pressed glass beads made in the Czech Republic.

Crystal AB
4FCRA $3.00 Buy Crystal AB »
4FRS $3.00 Buy Rosaline »
Peaches and Cream
4FPC $3.00 Buy Peaches and Cream »

Milky Pink Opal
4FMP $3.00 Buy Milky Pink Opal »
Pearled Fushia
4FPF $3.00 Buy Pearled Fushia »
Siam Ruby
4FSMR $3.00 Buy Siam Ruby »

Orange Sherbet Satin
4FOSS $4.50 Buy Orange Sherbet Satin »
Raspberry Sherbet Satin
4FSS $4.50 Buy Raspberry Sherbet Satin »
Magenta Satin
4FMGS $4.50 Buy Magenta Satin »

Buttercup Satin
4FBCS $4.50 Buy Buttercup Satin »
Freesia Topaz
4FFR $3.00 Buy Freesia Topaz »
Opaque Green Picasso
4FOG $3.00 Buy Opaque Green Picasso »

Light Peridot Green
4FPD $3.00 Buy Light Peridot Green »
Prairie Green
4FPG $3.00 Buy Prairie Green »
Opaque Turquoise
4FTQ $3.00 Buy Opaque Turquoise »

Capri Blue
4FCB $3.00 Buy Capri Blue »
Ultraviolet Satin
4FUVS $4.50 Buy Ultraviolet Satin »
4FTZ $3.00 Buy Tanzanite »

Milky White Opal Luster
4FMW $3.00 Buy Milky White Opal Luster »
Jet Black
4FJET $3.00 Buy Jet Black »