4mm x 4mm Czech Glass Cube Beads

These sweet little beads have softly rounded edges - very comfortable!

String of Approximately 100

The "Luster" finish on some of these colors gives a slight glisten/iridescence to the beads.

Metallic Silver
CZ2S $3.85 Buy Metallic Silver »

Metallic Bronze
CZ2B $3.85 Buy Metallic Bronze »

Matte Metallic Goldenrod
CZ2MMG $3.85 Buy Matte Metallic Goldenrod »

Luster Opaque White
CZ2LOW $3.60 Buy Luster Opaque White »

Smoky Topaz
CZ2ST $2.95 Buy Smoky Topaz »

Metallic Red Bronze
CZ2RB $3.85 Buy Metallic Red Bronze »

CZ2TP $2.95 Buy Topaz »

Luster Opaque Yellow
CZ2LOY $3.60 Buy Luster Opaque Yellow »

Dark Topaz
CZ2DT $2.95 Buy Dark Topaz »

CZ2OL $2.95 Buy Olivine »

Luster Opaque Olivine
CZ2LOL $3.60 Buy Luster Opaque Olivine »

Luster Opaque Green
CZ2LOG $3.60 Buy Luster Opaque Green »

Light Teal
CZ2LTL $2.95 Buy Light Teal »

Luster Opaque Turquoise
CZ2LOT $3.60 Buy Luster Opaque Turquoise »

Luster Opaque Navy
CZ2LON $3.60 Buy Luster Opaque Navy »

Luster Opaque Lavender
CZ2LOV $3.60 Buy Luster Opaque Lavender »

Opaque Pink
CZ2OPP $3.60 Buy Opaque Pink »

Opaque Red
CZ2OPR $3.60 Buy Opaque Red »

Siam Ruby
CZ2SR $2.95 Buy Siam Ruby »