Swarovski® 5520 Graphic Beads - 12mm

I've utterly fallen in love with these "Graphic" beads from Swarovski. These slightly irregular, asymmetrical crystals are gorgeous, luscious, faceted chunks of glory. Personally, I've been using them primarily in rings and earrings - they make a beautiful stand alone bead in a basic wire wrapped ring, and make a beautiful earring focal.   -- Erin

These beads measure 12mm long, 10mm wide, and 5mm thick at the thickest point.

  • Pack of 1 - $1.55
  • Pack of 12 - $16.90 ($1.41 Per Bead)
  • Pack of 36 - $47.95 ($1.33 Per Bead)

Photographs are enlarged to show detail

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