Czech Glass 8mm Fire Polish Beads - AB Finish

These gorgeous Czech Glass beads have been cut and heated just to the melting point to give them that fabulous, fire polish look, and are finished with a sparkling aurora borealis (AB) coating.

  • Bag of 25 - $2.80
  • Bag of 100 - $8.85

** Crystal slightly less. Jonquil, Hyacinth, Rosaline & Ruby slightly more. **

Teal AB
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Dark Teal AB
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Montana AB
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Aqua AB AB
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Sapphire AB
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Cobalt AB
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Light Sapphire AB
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Olivine AB
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Dark Olivine AB
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Peridot AB
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Emerald AB
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Green Emerald AB
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Medium Topaz AB
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Dark Topaz AB
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Smoky Topaz AB
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Light Amethyst AB
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Medium Amethyst AB
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Amethyst AB
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Crystal AB
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Jonquil AB
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Alexandrite AB
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Rosaline AB
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Hyacinth AB
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Ruby AB
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Black Diamond AB
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Jet AB
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