Adhesives, Glues & Glaze

JudiKins Diamond Glaze
2 Oz. Bottle

A water based dimensional adhesive - use directly over artwork for a raised glass like finish. Thin with water for a lacquer-like finish. Create your own custom colors by adding a small amount of dye ink. A fabulous adhesive for glueing glitter, beads, glass, plastic and vellum paper.

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E6000 Adhesive
1/2 Oz. Bottle

Considered as the most effective and heavy-duty glue around, E-6000 works on more surfaces than almost any other adhesive available in the market. It will adhere to wood, metal, glass, leather, rubber, vinyl, ceramics, and many plastics. E-6000 Clear Glue is a perfect tool for jewelry application because it dries clear and is paintable. In addition it is waterproof, flexible, and non-flammable. Guaranteed to deliver “industrial strength ” E-6000 Clear Glue may be applied on high-wear areas.

This adhesive is ideal for gluing flat backs into settings, or cord and kumihimo braids into cord caps. Use in a well ventilated area - personally I put all my supplies on a tray and take it outside - it is stinky stuff!

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G-S Hypo Cement
1/3 Oz. Bottle

Precision applicator allows maximum control with this jewelers' cement. Traditionally used for plastic or glass watch crystals but also great for bead stringing. Non-brittle, dries clear.

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Dazzle-Tac Jewelry Glue
1 Oz. Bottle

An extra strong, permanent glue for base metals, semi-precious stones, glass, beads, bone, mirrors, wire, mosaics & more. Quick grab for immediate hold; always flexible and never brittle. Dries crystal clear ; water proof and UV resistant for greater durability. Superior impact resistant formula so that stones and findings stay put.

For use with ceramics, gems, glass, metal, plastic, rhinestones, sequins, stones, and wood.

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Zap Gel
1/10 Oz. Bottle

Great for filling gaps. The extra thick consistency of Zap Gel keeps it from dripping or running. Cures in 15 seconds. The tube comes with a long tapered tip allowing precise application. Jewelry makers like the high strength and the ability to apply just the right amount.

For use with ceramics, leather, metal, plastic, rubber, and wood.

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