Adjustable Beading Ring

This plated ring opens the door for some innovative new designs! This ring has a single loop and is adjustable from roughly a size 6 through 11. There are 12 pieces per package.

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Beaded Ring
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Key Ring

These excellent split rings measure about 25mm in diameter, and have a nickel finish.

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Badge Clip with Swivel

As many professionals are now required to wear badges at work, colorful beaded lanyards have become a best selling item. (Making beaded lanyards was my mother's gateway into the world of beads....I created a monster!) These badge clips have a swivel end, and are nickel plated to give a nice silver colored finish. The clip measures about 22mm (almost an inch) long.

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Cellphone Straps

Make some little beaded baubles, add a charm or two, attach them to the strap, and put it through the lanyard hook on your cell phone. Your cell phone will never be the same again!

The skinny cellphone strap has a split ring type ring. The braided cellphone strap has a jump ring.

  • Sold in packages of 48
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