Beadalon® Professional 49 Strand Jewelers Wire

This nylon coated stainless steel wire is my favorite beading wire! Its 49 strand woven core insures both strength and flexibility. I won't use anything else but Beadalon® in my own designs.

Plated Beading Wire

This fantastic nylon coated plated stainless steel wire looks so good, it is meant to be seen. This is the perfect wire for making "floating" necklaces, and other pieces where the wire shows.

Available in 10 foot spools, this .018" diameter wire has a 26 pound breaking point.

BLON-018S   Silver Plated   $11.95   Buy BLON-018S »
BLON-018G   Gold Plated   $11.95   Buy BLON-018G »

Click Here for Floating Necklace Project Instructions

Beadalon Professional 49 Strand Beading Wire

This basic wire is available in three colors, and three sizes. The "Bright" color is a basic grey/silver color, and works well with sterling and silver-tone components. The "Bronze" color has a bronze hue, and works well with gold-filled and gold-tone components. The "Black" wire has a shiny black finish. The 20 and 26 pound break wires work well with bracelets, and the 26 and 40 pound break wires work well with necklaces. Heavy necklaces should definitely be make with the 40 pound break wire.

BRIGHT Colored Wire:
BLON-015T   30 feet - .015" diameter - 20lb break - $20.95   Buy BLON-015T »
BLON-018T   30 feet - .018" diameter - 26lb break - $15.95   Buy BLON-018T »
BLON-024T   30 feet - .024" diameter - 40lb break - $15.00   Buy BLON-024T »

BRONZE Colored Wire:
BLON-015Z   30 feet - .015" diameter - 20lb break - $19.95   Buy BLON-015Z »
BLON-018Z   30 feet - .018" diameter - 26lb break - $15.50   Buy BLON-018Z »
BLON-024Z   30 feet - .024" diameter - 40lb break - $15.00   Buy BLON-024Z »

BLACK Colored Wire:
BLON-018BL   30 feet - .018" diameter - 26lb break - $15.50   Buy BLON-018BL »

BLON-018ABS   30 feet - .015" diameter - 20lb break - $19.95   Buy BLON-018ABS »

Great question from a customer:

Question:   Hi there! I was curious about using wire to make bracelets. Doesn't it make the bracelet stiff and hold form instead of hanging? Just wondering. Thanks!

Answer:   Beading wire is the most amazing stuff. Its actually made with forty-nine individual strands, which makes it extremely flexible, strong and durable. There is poor beading wire of course - seven strand will kink if you look at it crooked, and nineteen strand isn't a whole lot better. But the kind I carry is wonderful stuff - super flexible, and easy to use.

Beading wire isn't to be confused with hard wire for wire wrapping. That wire is instead stiff and inflexible - requiring pliers to bend, etc.