Beading Tools

Magical Crimp Forming Tool
from the Bead Smith company

This unique, patented tool was created exclusively for use with 2mm sterling silver and gold-filled tubular crimp beads. Just a few easy steps will form a 2mm crimp into a more appealing round bead. For use with .018" and .019" diameter beading wire.

LBT-24 For .018/.019" diameter wire $17.95 Buy For .018/.019

Eurotool® Micro-Crimpers

Specialized tool for finishing your crimp beads - when used gives crimps and attractive rounded look rather than the jagged flat square you would get with just chain nose pliers.

LBT-2 $12.95 Buy Eurotool Micro-Crimpers »

Extra Small Flush Cutter

These powerful little cutters measure only 3 1/2" long. The jaws are induction hardened, and totally flush. These cutters are perfect for multistrand beading wire, headpins and soft wire-wrapping wire.

LBT-12 $6.95 Buy Extra Small Flush Cutter »

Carbide Jaw Cutters

Carbide cutters are made particularly for hard wire and feature carbide jaw inserts for maximum hardness. 4 1/2" long.

LBT-11 $23.95 Buy Carbide Jaw Cutters »

Full Flush Cutters

These excellent 5" cutters have very finely pointed jaws - great pliers for getting close to snip softer wire-wrapped projects, and beading wire. These are Erin's FAVORITE flush cutters, although I do really love LBT-10 and LBT-12.

LBT-7 $29.95 Buy Full Flush Cutters »

Semi-Flush Side Cutters

This 5" semi-flush side cutter has an ergonomic cushion grip and induction hardened jaws. Cuts up to 2mm thick copper. Very nice!

LBT-9 $24.95 Buy Semi-Flush Side Cutters »

Chain Nose Pliers

For gripping, tucking, squeezing, etc - one of the most basic tools - 4 1/2".

LBT-3 $7.95 Buy Chain Nose Jewelry Pliers »

Bent Nose Pliers

An excellent tool for wire wrapping - the curved nose keeps your hand and tool out of the way to so you can coil and wrap more easily with the other hand.

LBT-8 $8.95 Buy Bent Nose Pliers »

Round Nose Pliers

For forming curved wire ends for eye pins, wire wraping, etc - 4 1/2".

LBT-4 $7.95 Buy Round Nose Jewelry Pliers »

Eurotool® Split Ring Pliers

You can open split rings with your fingernails if you're patient enough - but these specialized pliers will save you some time and frustration and are well worth the cost if you use a lot of split rings.

LBT-5 $9.95 Buy Eurotool Split Ring Pliers »

The BeadSmith® 8 Piece Mini Tool Kit

This handy kit is a convenient way to bring jewelry making tools with you on the road. I wouldn't recommend it for every day work, but when you don't want to bring your whole work bench along, this portable kit in its carry case is just the thing. The pliers have polished steel heads, cushion grip handles, and lapjoint construction, and they measure between 3" and 3.5" tall. (The other three tools are larger)

This kit contains the following tools:

  • Mini Chain Nose Plier
  • Mini Round Nose Plier
  • Mini Flat Nose Plier
  • Mini Side Cutter
  • Mini Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Plier
  • Knotting Tweezer
  • Threat Cutter
  • ScoopEEZ® Bead Scoop
  • Plus the compact carry case as shown.

LBT-28 $15.95 Buy The Beadsmith Eight Piece Mini Tool Set »