Miscellaneous Czech Glass Seaglass Style Iced Beads

These gorgeous Czech glass beads have been given a matte, frosted finish, making them look like sea or beach glass.

Beautiful pressed glass beads made in the Czech Republic.

6mm Lentil Coin Drops

These charming, smooth, flat drops are top drilled, with a gentle aurora borealis "AB" finish on one side. They measure about 6mm in diameter.

  • Approximately 50 Pieces Per Bag

Light Sapphire AB
6LLSAB $2.95 Buy Light Sapphire AB »
Olivine AB
6LOLAB $2.95 Buy Olivine AB »
Teal AB
6LTLAB $2.95 Buy Teal AB »

Topaz AB
6LTPAB $2.95 Buy Topaz AB »
Amethyst AB
6LAMAB $2.95 Buy Amethyst AB »

White AB
6LWHAB $2.95 Buy White AB »
Rosaline AB
6LRLAB $2.95 Buy Rosaline AB »
Alexandrite AB
6LAXAB $2.95 Buy Alexandrite AB »

12mm x 9mm Czech Glass Dimple Beads

  • 8" Strand (17 Pieces)

12DOL $4.50 Buy Olivine »