Czech Glass Beads - Large Flat Beads

12mm x 8mm Flat Rectangle Beads

These delightful, delicious polished rectangle beads measure 12mm x 8mm. They're a stunning color - "Orange Opal" - which is a lightly variegated bright orange - with a Picasso finish. Gorgeous pressed glass beads!

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20mm x 14mm Smooth Oval Beads

Lovely, 20mm oval pillow beads in amazing, autumn colors! These beads have a swirly mix of hues - the first is a lovely, mossy autumn green swirled with aqua and copper, and the second is a dusty pink color mixed with bronze and brown. The third, a matte turquoise color, has a lovely "Moon Dust" finish, and the last is a sweet pink with the "Moon Dust" finish.

Light Green Copper Picasso
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Pink Coral Bronze Picasso
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Turquoise Matte Moon Dust
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Pink Coral Moon Dust
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20mm x 20mm Flat Square Pillow Beads
Milky Alexandrite Moon Dust

These gorgeous light lavender purple beads are very large - 20mm x 20mm (about 5.7mm thick) - and have a beautiful swirly "Moon Dust" finish.

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24mm x 16mm Oval Beads
Milky Amethyst Picasso

These large beads measure almost 1" long (24mm x 16mm). They're pressed glass Czech Beads in an unusual color. They're a translucent very pale milky amethyst base, with a picasso bronze/blue/green coating. If you look at them quickly - you'd see a muted blue green color, but give them that second glance and the details of these unique beads are incredible.

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18mm x 12mm "Pinched" Oval Beads

These Czech glass beads are a "pinched' oval shape - slightly waved/curved inwards in the middle of each bead. They're a unique blend of colors - the main color is is a deep turquoise, washed with deeper blues and soft greens, with a light, mottled bronze finish.

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