Elastic Beading Cords

Beadalon® Elasticity

This soft, elastic bead cord stretches like a rubberband. It's ideal for stretch bracelets, power bracelets, and hair bands. Designs made with Elasticity drape elegantly and will retain their stretch. Made in the USA by Beadalon®.

  • 25 Meter (82 Foot) Spool
  • 0.8mm Diameter

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Beadalon® Elonga

This unique stringing material is made up of several individual stretchy strands bonded together for superior elastic properites. Elonga won't stretch out, as some elastic can over time and use. The multiple-strand construction of Elonga gives a soft, silky drape and is ideal for lightweight beads.

This elastic cord is clear, with a diameter of .7mm, and comes on a 25 meter (82 Foot) spool.

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