Frosted Lucite Flower Beads
23mm x 21mm

These large, lovely tiger lily frosted lucite flower beads are 21mm tall, and 23mm wide. They are fun to stack with other lucite flower and beadcaps, for a beautiful, multilayered design.

    • Package of 2 - $.95
    • Package of 6 - $2.15
    • Package of 24 - $5.95

Please note - the exact color of these beads VARIES from shipment to shipment. That is to say - each time we receive a new batch, it may be slightly different than the one before it. It may also be slightly different than a bead of the same color name in another size or shape.
Light Lime Green
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Light Sapphire
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Light Amethyst
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LFC-WH Buy White »
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Light Pink
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Light Watermelon Red
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Frosted Lucite Flower Beads Mix
23mm x 21mm Tiger Lily Beads

This mix contains two of each of the following colors:

  • White
  • Jonquil
  • Peach
  • Light Pink
  • Light Watermelon Red
  • Light Lime Green
  • Light Sapphire
  • Light Amethyst

LFC-MIX1 16 Bead Mix $5.15
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