TierraCast® Alphabet Beads

American made by TierraCast® with culinary grade lead-free pewter.
The Antique Gold and Bright Gold finishes are approximately 20% higher than the prices shown.

TierraCast® Alphabet Beads

These pewter alphabet beads are absolutely perfect! They're exquisitely crafted - higher quality than most sterling blocks - and have the benefit of being available in both antique silver finish and antique gold finish. They're perfectly smooth - making for a very comfortable fit. They also look just fabulous with my 6mm Coins and 6mm x 8mm Ovals.

Oval shaped beads measure about 5mm x 7mm, and are double sided. "M" and "W" are identical.

Small Starter Kits:

    Small kits contain 5 of every letter, except for Q, X, and Z, of which there are two each. Total number of beads is 121.
Antique Silver Small Starter Kit $65.00   Buy PCAS-START »
Antique Gold Small Starter Kit $78.00   Buy PCAG-START »
Easy Order
    Want to order letters for specific names and don't want to order each letter individually using the chart below? You can just click the Easy Order buy buttons below, enter the total number of beads needed, and add them to your cart. When you get to the check-out screen, enter the names (or a letter list) in the "comments" field. You can input numbers and symbols this way, too. It's not high tech, but it may save you time when ordering.

    (Example - to order beads for ERIN and ERIC - enter "8" in the quantity field, and then write the names in the comments area of the checkout screen.)

Easy Order Antique Silver Small Letter Beads $0.75 each   Buy PCAS »
Easy Order Antique Gold Small Letter Beads $0.90 each   Buy PCAG »

Antique Silver

  • Bag of 2 - $1.60
  • Bag of 10 - $6.75
  • Bag of 20 - $11.45
  • Bag of 100 - $49.80

Antique Gold

  • Bag of 2 - $1.90
  • Bag of 10 - $8.10
  • Bag of 20 - $13.75
  • Bag of 100 - $59.75

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