Flowers from the Heart Earrings

These feminine, romantic earrings, as pictured, mix lovely, soft peach-n-pink flower beads with the look of aged brass. They're a perfect size for day to night dressing - not too showy for work, and just right for a romantic dinner for two. Customize yours with five different metal choices, and twenty different flower choices!

These earrings are easy to put together - requiring only basic wire wrapping skills, which you can review by following the link below.

Parts Needed:


How to Make:

  • Stack each of the 6 headpins with a flower bead plus a beadcap.
  • Wire wrap 3 of the headpins to the bottom loop of the vine heart link. Do the same with the other link and remaining headpins.
  • Gently open the earring wire and slip the top loop of the vine heart link on it. Close the earring wire, and enjoy!

These kits include all the parts needed to make the earrings as pictured - you choose the crystal color.

Kit includes:

  • 6 Glass Flower Beads (you choose color)
  • 6 TierraCast Scalloped Caps
  • 6 1.5" Headpins
  • 2 Earring Wires

You'll need round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, and wire cutters to complete this project. You can purchase all of these tools here if you don't already own them.

THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS. You'll need to refer to this project page for the instructions.

KT70-SP Silver Plated Kit $5.75 Buy Silver Plated Kit »
KT70-GP Gold Plated Kit $5.75 Buy Gold Plated Kit »
KT70-CP Copper & Copper Plated Kit $5.75 Buy Copper & Copper Plated Kit »
KT70-AB Antique Brass & Brass Plated Kit $5.75 Buy Antique Brass & Brass Plated Kit »
KT70-GM Gunmetal & Black Oxide Plated Kit $5.75 Buy Gunmetal & Black Oxide Plated Kit »

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