"Petite" 1mm Rattail Satin Cord

This fantastic, "petite" rattail cord measures between 1mm and 1.4mm. It is a gorgeous cotton/rayon blend. This is fantastic cord - it is Made in the USA from an 80% Cotton/20% Rayon blend - it has a beautiful sheen, and is wonderfully soft. Be wary of imported rattail - it is usually polyester and scratchy!

While this cord can be used alone, it is more often used in braids and kumihimo projects.

NOTE ABOUT SPOOLS - Our spools are not necessarily continuous - there may split piece or two, such that the total length adds up to 70 yards, but individual lengths may be shorter.

    • 6 Yards - $3.75
    • 70 Yards - $19.95

We also have 2mm Rattail and 3mm Rattail.

SC1-MV   Mauve
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SC1-LPK   Lt. Pink
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SC1-SPK   Shocking Pink
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SC1-RS   Rose
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SC1-WN   Wine
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SC1-RED   Red
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SC1-PCH   Peach
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SC1-OR   Orange
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SC1-RST   Rust
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SC1-LTY   Lt Yellow
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SC1-MZ   Maize
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SC1-DGD   Dark Gold
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SC1-AVA   Avacado
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SC1-APG   Apple Green
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SC1-DOL   Dark Olive
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SC1-MNT   Mint
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SC1-EM   Emerald
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SC1-DKG   Dark Green
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SC1-LTB   Lt Blue
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SC1-TRQ   Turquoise
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SC1-TL   Teal
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SC1-WMB   Williamsburg Blue
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SC1-RY   Royal Blue
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SC1-NV   Navy
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SC1-LAV   Lavender
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SC1-PRP   Purple
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SC1-PLM   Plum
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SC1-LBG   Lt Beige
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SC1-CFE   Coffee
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SC1-BR   Brown
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SC1-IV   Ivory
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SC1-DGY   Dark Grey
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SC1-BK   Black
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Cord Ends

We carry a nice selection of findings for finishing your cords and braids, and a few useful tutorials.

Large Hole Spacer Beads

Large hole spacer beads are optional, but in some designs may come in handy. They help hold the pendant in place, which keeps the cord from slipping around (prevents the clasped ends from slowly sliding around to the front rather than staying in the back where they belong).

We have an extensive selection of spacers (in addition to the one shown below) and bead caps that are designed specificall to go over cord.