Sterling Silver Beadable Bangles & Cuffs

Sterling Silver 7 Ring Beadable Cuff Bracelet

This beautiful, beadable cuff measures about 6 3/4" in length, and has seven beadable rings. Add thick clusters of beaded drops and charms for an absolutely stunning, custom design.

SSCF3 7 Ring Cuff $24.50 Buy 7 Ring Cuff »

Sterling Silver 16 Ring Beadable Bangle

This sterling bangle has 16 beadable rings, and is available in two sizes. Attach beaded drops or charms to this bangle and make something special.

SSCF1 2 3/5" Diameter $15.50 Buy 2 3/5
SSCF2 3" Diameter $16.25 Buy 3