Czech Glass 16mm x 12mm Teardrop Briolette Beads

Beautiful, 16mm tall x 12mm wide x 5mm thick, pressed Czech glass teardrop beads are top drilled, briolette style. A little bit of wire wrapping, and you have a beautiful, elegant, simple earring. A great size for a delicate pendant, too, or incorporate as an element in more adventurous designs.

Each Package Contains SIX Briolette Beads

The "Luster" beads have been given a special coating which gives them a sort of iridescent sheen. It is a very cool effect! The Alexandrite beads change color based on the type of light that shines on them - white lights make them light blue, and in sunlight they're a pale lavender. The Picasso beads are opaque with gentle swirls of extra colors - for example the Opaque Turquoise is mostly turquoise,with little swirls of sage green.

Beautiful pressed glass beads made in the Czech Republic.

Light Milky Peridot
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Luster Opaque Green
TD16LOG $2.85 Buy Luster Opaque Green »

Product currently unavailable.

TD16OL $2.15 Buy Olivine »
Opaque Turquoise Picasso
TD16OTP $2.85 Buy Opaque Turquoise Picasso »

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Smoky Topaz
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Lt. Beige Picasso
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Milky Pink
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Luster Rose Gold
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Siam Ruby
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Milky Alexandrite
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Product currently unavailable.

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Jet Black
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16mm x 12mm Briolette Beads

Gorgeous beads - these Czech glass top drilled briolette beads are available here in beads with a front and back, with a lovely "moon dust" finish.

  • Bag of 6

Olivine Moon Dust
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Turquoise Moon Dust
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