TierraCast 6mm Compression Rivets

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6mm Compression Rivets

PLEASE NOTE - These rivets are too large to fit our rivetables and washers shown above. They have a 3.2mm tube diameter, and will require components with at least a 3.2mm hole size.

Use these to attach large hole links or spacers to material, to attach material to itself (folded over as with slides or hook clasps), or as a decorative element. These set materials 5-8mm thick with variations for firmness of material, less (up to 7mm) if including a metal component.

These work best with flat leather and thick/heavy ribbon. You'll need a leather hole punching tool to make the holes, and a rivet setter and anvil (and mallet) to set the rivets - available on our tools for leather page. TierraCast has developed a rivet setter tool made especially for this size (see below).


  • Bag of 10 - $3.55
  • Bag of 50 - $13.90


  • Cap diameter: 5.6mm
  • Cap tube diameter: 3.2mm
  • Cap length: 3.86mm
  • Post length: 7.7mm
  • Post tube diameter: 2.5mm
  • Post bottom diameter 6.5mm

TierraCast 6mm Rivet Setter

This rivet setter has been custom made for TierraCast to work with their 6mm Compression Rivets. It has a slightly cupped, domed end, exactly the right size to fit the 6mm rivets. The smooth, polished surface of the cup reduces the risk of marring or scratching the cap surface. The hexagonal shape keeps this tool from rolling around on your work area. Made in China.

A dot anvil is not included with this tool. You will need a dot anvil or bench block, plus a mallet or hammer to use the rivet setter. You can find these on our tools page.

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