Using Cord End Caps (Open)
To Finish Kumihimo Braids

You'll need a pair of round nose pliers, wire cutters, and bent nose pliers. I used 18 Gauge Artistic® Wire in this example. You could use a thinner gauge if you're using a harder wire. Artistic wire is somewhat soft - I would not advise using a thinner than 18g Artistic Wire for this project.

Step 1:

Cut a 6" length of wire and run the wire through a jewelry polishing cloth or other soft cloth two or three times to harden the wire, and straighten it. Grip it firmly with the bent nose pliers, held at an angle as shown. The pliers need to be angled up so that you can wrap underneath them, as shown in the next step.

Step 2:

Begin wrapping a coil around the braid. Wrap VERY FIRMLY. I push the wire around with my thumb using a lot of pressure. The firmness is important because it is that which holds the braid in place, and the coiling needs to be firm enough to withstand the occaisonal tug.

The wire should be pointing towards the tail of the braid - you're going to wire wrap AWAY from the "inside" of the necklace, in other words - wrapping towards the loose end that will eventually be trimmed off.

Step 3:

Continue wrapping the wire very firmly. You should have enough wraps that the coil holds the braid firmly when you tug on it. But - not so many wraps that it will stick out of your end cap when you put it on.

Step 4:

With a sharp pair of scissors - clip the ends of the braid flush with the coil. Use your round nose pliers to bend the tail of the wire up (in the direction pictured in the photograph).

Step 5:

Run the wire through the end cap, and then wire wrap a loop. And that's all, folks!

Instructions for wire wrapping and closing a loop can be found here.