In the course of Summer 1998's baby bird raising efforts, we were advised by our friend Jackie, a local rehabber and bird lover to find homes for the four baby starlings whom we raised from infants. We have found homes for three of them, and the fourth has become part of our family. Starlings make wonderfully intelligent and affectionate pets, and are closely related to the Mynah bird. They love to play with toys (we like Li'l Tweets plastic & chain only parakeet toys. Please also feel free to e-mail us with questions about starlings as pets.

Freeko has turned into a really really sweet pet - he sings all day long - he "rings the phone" (he has our phone ringer down!), he makes human sneezing sounds, immitates our audobon society bird call, and says "Thank you for calling". Yes - he really talks! So do his brothers and sisters, or so we hear from the proud parents. I would have never thought a starling could be such a sweet, intelligent and affection pet, but he is truly one of the all-round best pet birds I've ever had the pleasure of being with.

The Peanut Gallery

We had these four starlings since they were about 4 days old. Currently - three are living with bird people in their new homes, and one is left as our pet, Freeko.

    In this picture - Frito offers his assistance as we prepare the checks for the daily deposit.

For the first two weeks that we had the baby starlings, their brooder was right next to Trevan's gym in the office, and he would spend hours peering over the edge to check on his babies. We've never had Trevan sexed and always assumed he was male, but after that devoted attention to the babies, we have to wonder now Trevan might not be a gal!

*** Update - in May of 2000, Trevan up and out of the blue started making these terrible groaning noises. I immediately phoned the vet, but before I could finish describing the situation to Dr. Rolfe, the groaning stopped, and there was Trevan with a beautiful, oval egg! Trevan was fine, and extraordinarily proud of the egg. We had some company the next day, and Trevan wanted to show everyone! Now we know!

Here is another cute picture of Freeko as a baby - he is just starting to get a few of his adult feathers - those little sploches of white on either side of his belly. Freeko loves to play on my desk.

Freeko is the bathingest bird you'll ever see. On a normal day - Freeko takes a bath at least every two hours - usually more. Here he is squeezed into a coffee cup full of water, having the time of his life. Note the splashes of water in the air......

Freeko the long-billed parakeet-starling hanging out with his little friends. In the wild, Freeko the starling would be aggressive towards littler birds, but in this household, Freeko is at the bottom of the pecking order, and he is very submissive instead.

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