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TierraCast Alphabet Beads - Silver Tone

Easy Ordering Pewter Alphabet Beads

To quickly order your alphabet beads, you can enter the total number of beads desired in the form below, and then click the add-to-cart button. When you're finished shopping and you're ready to check out, you can enter the names desired (or a list of letters, numbers and symbols) in the comments area of the checkout screen.

For example - to order letters for the names ERIN, ERIC and OWEN, you would enter "12" in the quantity field below, and add to cart. Then - you would write in the names "ERIN ERIC OWEN" in the comments area in the last step of checking out.

It's not high tech, but if you're just ordering a few names, it will definitely save you time over enter the letters one by one through the shopping cart system.

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