Marvy LePen - Fine Line Writing Pen
As featured in In Style and Martha Stewart Living

With a micro fine tip, and 18 brilliant colors to choose from, this pen has been an American favorite for over twenty years! The LePen has a micro-fine (.3mm) plastic tip and a colorful, sleek barrel design whose color matches the ink color. It is perfect for journals, notecards, office work and more!

PEN3-ALL 18 Color Set $27.00 Buy 18 Color Set »

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Pens are available individually, or in boxes of a dozen of one color or buy a set of all 18 colors. Please note - the "box of 1 dozen" price applies to boxes of the same color, only - you can't mix and match to make a dozen.

PEN3-ALL 18 Color Set $27.00 Buy 18 Color Set »

Color Individually - $1.50 Box of 1 Dozen - $16.00
PEN3-BR Brown Buy PEN3-BR » Buy PEN3-BR-12 »
PEN3-BG Burgundy Buy PEN3-BG » Buy PEN3-BG-12 »
PEN3-RD Red Buy PEN3-RD » Buy PEN3-RD-12 »
PEN3-OR Orange Buy PEN3-OR » Buy PEN3-OR-12 »
PEN3-PK Pink Buy PEN3-PK » Buy PEN3-PK-12 »
PEN3-LG Light Green Buy PEN3-LG » Buy PEN3-LG-12 »
PEN3-GR Green Buy PEN3-GR » Buy PEN3-GR-12 »
PEN3-OG Olive Green Buy PEN3-OG » Buy PEN3-OG-12 »
PEN3-OB Oriental Blue Buy PEN3-OB » Buy PEN3-OB-12 »
PEN3-BL Blue Buy PEN3-BL » Buy PEN3-BL-12 »
PEN3-TL Teal Buy PEN3-TL » Buy PEN3-TL-12 »
PEN3-LB Light Blue Buy PEN3-LB » Buy PEN3-LB-12 »
PEN3-PW Periwinkle Buy PEN3-PW » Buy PEN3-PW-12 »
PEN3-OC Orchid Buy PEN3-OC » Buy PEN3-OC-12 »
PEN3-VT Violet Buy PEN3-VT » Buy PEN3-VT-12 »
PEN3-AM Amethyst Buy PEN3-AM » Buy PEN3-AM-12 »
PEN3-DG Dark Grey Buy PEN3-DG » Buy PEN3-DG-12 »
PEN3-BK Black Buy PEN3-BK » Buy PEN3-BK-12 »

The Marvy® Lepens are manufactured and distributed by the Uchida of America Corporation. Lytha Studios is not affiliated with Uchida - we just sell their products. We get a lot of e-mails asking where LePens can be purchased in one area or another - and we have no way of knowing, guessing, or finding out. But we'd love to have you order some from us, and we'll send them right out in the mail.