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Tree Free Eco-Diaries

India's busy textile industry leaves behind a large amount of cotton scraps (from new materials). The paper for these unique diaries is made from these recycled fabric scraps. All of these diaries are hand-painted with inspiring images; some diaries are covered with vintage papers. Windrose Eco-Diaries are environmentally friendly and wood free, using the renewable resource of cotton fiber.

These diaries measures 8.25" x 6" - inside pages are unlined

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Jen Delyth's Celtic Mandalas Journal

Illustrated with selections of Jenís Celtic Designs, this inspirational journal features short writings in the style of ancient Celtic triads and bardic poetry interspersed through the pages.

This 120 page journal is 6Ē x 8.25Ē and has a high-quality hardbound cover with an attractive Wire-O binding. The journal has blank pages on the left and lined pages on the right, while evenly spaced through are selections of Jenís art with poetry to inspire thoughtful journaling.

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Journals by Miga Rossetti

Beautiful mixed-media prints by Miga Rossetti grace the cover of these sturdy journals. The handsome textured covers are made of recycled board and stand up to wear. The inside unlined paper (slightly glossy) is also recycled and is terrific for drawing or writing.

  • Measures 9" x 7.5"
  • 40+ Sheets, 80+ Pages
  • Double wire bound

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Celtic Leather Journals

Made with top-quality cowhide and decorated with a pewter button that is appropriate to the tooled image on the cover, these journals are a delight to the eye and the hand. They are ideal for use as diaries, travel journals, sketchbooks, etc. Each journal contains a blank book with 220 heavy bond pages (sketch quality paper) and can be replaced when full.

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Beaded Flower Pen

This lovely ball point pen is fun and quirky - covered with flowers, beads and sparkles!

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LePen - Fine Line Writing Pen

With a micro fine tip, and 18 brilliant colors to choose from, this pen has been an American favorite for over twenty years! The LePen has a micro-fine (.3mm) plastic tip and a colorful, sleek barrel design. It is perfect for journals, notecards, office work and more!

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